Romanian Rescue Pro Trainers UK

A Self Paced Program for Dog Trainers & Behaviour Consultants Working with Romanian Dogs

Course Summary

 Are you a Qualified Dog Training & Behaviour Professional working with an
 increasing number of Romanian or Foreign Rescue Dogs? 

There has been an exponential rise in imported dogs from Romania and Eastern Europe over recent years and a significant increase in the need for trainers, & behaviour professionals who understand these dogs to work with their often complex challenges and support their adopters.

There is no getting away from the fact that Romanian & overseas rescue dogs are wired differently to British dogs and can present with some quite unique challenges both in terms of behaviour problems and responses to training approaches.  

As the founder and business owner of The DOG’s Point of View, I have been working with these dogs and their families for over 7 years and I am consistently taking on clients who have struggled to achieve successful outcomes with previous professionals they have hired, and more importantly have not always been given the best advice for these sensitive and often complex souls.  

So! I am beyond excited to now be running the Romanian Rescue Pro Trainers program, specifically for trainers and behaviour consultants who want to up their game when working with Romanian dogs and their families.  Not only is this program focused on working with Romanian & overseas rescue dogs in a holistic way, with emphasis on emotional wellbeing to achieve successful results, but it’s also going to provide you with a whole stack of other great features to help you grow your business as a recognised professional working with overseas rescue dogs!  

What Do You Get?

  • An extensive self paced Program and enrolment into a community of supportive professionals all passionate about foreign rescue dogs.
  • Over 40 Individual Modules divided into 7 areas of Understanding & Working with Romanian Dogs (15 additional Modules coming) 
  • Access to 2 additional courses (A further 40+ Modules of information and guidance for your adoptee clients) 
  • Twice monthly deep dives into all things Romanian Dog related with our Q&A’s sessions 
  • Lifetime Access to your course material 
  • Learn how you can support new adopters to prevent the development of problems
  • Guidance on working processes for the most common behavioural challenges your clients need help with 
  • How best to make progress with the increasing number of fearful dogs being adopted 
  • Working with reactivity in Romanian dogs and why it can be different to British dogs
  • Learn from real client case studies
  • Get help and advice with your own client cases
  • Discuss, share and be supported by likeminded professionals in the private RR Pro's Facebook Community
  • Complete Case Studies to become an RR Pro Recommended Trainer (NB: Submission deadline of 12 months applies)
  • RR Pro Recommended Trainers get their Dog Training or Canine Service business listed on the DOG's Point of View Website and receive client referrals from the main community group.  

"This is undoubtedly one of the best courses I have taken. Meesh is clearly extremely knowledgeable on the subject and has shared that knowledge generously in the course. There is plenty of information on what to expect with the Rescue dog and why and lots of ideas on how best to support Adopters moving forward. Add to that the excellent presentation and the discussions and support of likeminded professionals. It all adds up to money well spent!"

Anne Kelly

"I feel that even experienced trainers would benefit from this programme.  Romanian/overseas dogs are very different and many need a totally different approach.  The course covers the process of working with these dogs right from the start. Meesh coaches in a relaxed manner and it is impossible to not share in her passion to help these dogs." 

Lynn Glanville
Whitley Bay

 "Thank you so much for your generosity and putting such a great course together! "

Kim Layzell

Meet Your Instructor

Meesh Masters

Meesh Masters is the founder and business owner at The Dog's Point of View and specialises in working with Romanian Rescue dogs and providing educational resources for their adopters via remote one to one consultations, home study courses, seminars, training programs and her popular Adopters Coaching Group

After becoming involved with Romanian Rescue dogs in 2015, both as a support advisor to new adopters and a fosterer herself, she was led to look deeper into the thinking, feeling, emotional depths of these dogs when things began feeling different about them.

She soon realised how the Romanian dogs were different to British born dogs, how their genetics and bloodline, being from street dogs, meant they seemed to be more in tune with their instinctive nature's. She went on to learn that she needed to adjust the ways she interacted with and worked with these dogs, to accommodate their more streetwise and cautious characteristics. It became very evident that these dogs responded differently to 'training' in the conventional sense at times.

And so it became her passion to share everything she was learning, and is still learning, about the Romanian Dog's Point of View with as many adopters as possible. Today she is Patron of two Romanian Rescue Charities and advisor to various rescue organisations. Her entire business focuses solely on supporting and working with adopters of predominantly Romanian but also other European street dogs.

If you would like to join our Network of Recommended Romanian Rescue Training Professionals, simply click below to submit your application & we will be in touch to set up a call with you.




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Karen Henley

Romanian Rescue Pro Course

An amazing course, I have learnt so much and fallen more in love with these amazing dogs. I would highly recommend this course (and do frequently!) to all trainers.

1 month ago
Nicola Masterton

Romanian Rescue Pro Course

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and learnt so much about the uniqueness of our foreign rescues. Last year I completed my Level 5 behaviour course so wasn't sure there would be anything over and above in this course, but there really is! The course covers both the theory and has lots of practical exercises/examples and case studies to learn from. I would totally recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about how to help our foreign rescues and their adopters.

2 months ago
Doreen Potter

Romanian Rescue Pro Trainers Course

This has been an amazing course. Even though I have had years of owning a Rommie, there was so much for me to learn. Love the go at your own pace and being able to jump to whatever I needed help with at the time. Just perfect.

3 months ago