Reactive to Rebalanced Roadmap for Romanian Rescue Dogs

Lifetime Access to a 12 week step by step holistic program to help you & your dogs that overreact on walks live your best life together.

Program Overview 

Over-Reactive behaviour on walks is the number one problem Adopters of Romanian Rescue dogs ask for my help with, and whilst I would love to be able to work with everyone individually, there simply isn't enough of me to go round!

Which is why I created this program! The RTR program provides you with the complete framework of how I work with clients in the format of a structured holistic online program, but with the addition of professional, qualified support by way of convenient group Zoom calls or by posting directly on the program units, so you can get answers to the questions that come up for you personally as you work through the program.  No having to trek to classes, feel awkward about how your dog might behave or put your dog into situations they can't cope with yet.

Fearful and over reactive behaviour will not go away on it's own.  The fact that it is even happening confirms that something is not quite right for your dog at this time.  Rarely, in our hectic and busy world, will your dogs over-reactive responses improve without some form of holistic approach to their life and learning because there can be so many possible contributing factors, as you can see from this diagram on the left.  

👈 👈 Any number of these possible contributing factors could be affecting your dogs behaviour, which is why so many people struggle to see progress.  

'Training' only works on the observable behaviour, but if you don't address what's driving or causing the behaviour, then all the 'training' in the world will only ever have limited success. This includes looking at how WE at the human end of the lead impact on our dog's behaviour by the things we do (or don't do.)  So many clients when they start working with me very quickly realise how their behaviour has been creating more problems or at the very least, preventing them seeing progress.

Living with a dog that exhibits excessive reactions to certain 'triggers' is one of the hardest behaviours to deal with and live with, but have you ever wondered why that is?  You may never have even thought about 'reactivity' before, but now when your dog starts reacting, you find yourself reacting too. You find yourself feeling stressed, embarrassed and increasingly reluctant to walk your dog, which I'm sure was one of the primary pleasures you were looking forward to when you got them!

Of course it's not their fault, they're not 'doing it on purpose' they can't help it.  They are simply behaving as a result of an instinctive emotional & behavioural response, but we can help them by ensuring we take a holistic approach to understanding, addressing and supporting our dogs in ALL areas of life, whilst we help them learn new skills and ways to respond, that feel good and will help them choose different behavioural responses in the future.  

In the Reactive to Rebalanced Roadmap for Romanian Rescue Dogs you will be walked through the five core stages that will teach you how to understand your dog, communicate effectively with them, establish skills and techniques that will improve your walks and help you navigate tricky situations from the get go. By the time you complete your program you will have a clear progress plan to help you and your dog feel more relaxed, know how to navigate your dogs over-reactive behaviour with ease and understand exactly what you need to do to continue to see positive changes going forward.

What Will You Get?

12 Weeks of jam packed teaching modules

Over 200 units that walk you through each stage

High quality clear video demonstrations

Downloadable Handouts for each unit & module

Step by Step easy to follow teaching guides

Modules released weekly to prevent overwhelm

to your course material

Downloadable Training & progress trackers

 Private FB Group
(Trainer Supported Program only)

Monthly Zoom sessions
(Trainer supported Program only)

Automatic access to all additions & upgrades

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Understanding Your Romanian Dogs & Their Quirky Ways

FREE access to four workshop recordings from inside the Adopters Coaching Group

1. An Introduction to Grid Training with Janeen Warman
2.  An Introduction to Recognising Signs of Pain & Discomfort in Your Dog
3. Human - Canine Communication & Body Language - It's a Two Way Conversation!
4. The 5 Day Awareness & Connection Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for you if you have a dog that overreacts to things out and about on walks.  If your dog sometimes gets pretty animated (barking, lunging, air snapping, spinning) when they see other dogs, people, cyclists, joggers, wildlife etc then this program will walk you through a complete holistic progress plan that not only explains how to work on changing the behaviour, but also provides you with an in depth understanding of what drives it and perpetuates it, so you can both move forward to living your best life together.  

How does forever sound? You get lifetime access to the program and all it's contents, INCLUDING all additional units that will be added as the program evolves.

We know how overwhelming it can feel when you have a dog that overreacts to triggers in the environment, and we know there can be a lot to learn as you work through the program, but we've got you covered!  

Included in the trainer supported program is access to monthly group coaching calls on Zoom with a qualified professional who has experience of working with Romanian and overseas dogs, so you can ask us the questions you need answers to as you work through the program.

Nope not at all! We fully appreciate not everyone wants to join these calls, so they are completely optional, you can simply ask questions by typing on any of the program units if you would prefer to be supported that way. 

The program material is delivered in a variety of formats to suit different learning styles.  There are short, easy to digest video explanations with written scripts to accompany them, longer workshop recordings with PDF handouts, video demonstrations of exercises as well as numerous downloadable PDF teaching guides, helpful worksheets and workbooks.  

The course syllabus lasts 15 weeks in total, 12 weeks of modules plus three break/practice weeks, but it is completely self paced.  The modules unlock on a weekly basis, and you can access the material and work through it at a pace to suit you, your dog and your current commitments.  Of course, the quicker you work through and apply all the wonderful learning, the quicker you and your dog are likely to enjoy less stress and more fun and relaxation together.

Program Pricing Options - Select Your Plan

RTR Trainer Supported Program
(Single upfront Payment)


  • Over 200 units with lifetime access
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Qualified Professional Support

RTR Trainer Supported Program
(4x monthly payments of)


  • Over 200 units with lifetime access
  • Monthly Q&A Calls 
  • Qualified Professional Support

**NEW** RTR Self Study Option
(No Trainer Support)


  • Over 200 units with lifetime access
  • Work at your own pace

Meet Your Coach

Meesh Masters

Meesh Masters is the founder and business owner at The Dog's Point of View and specialises in working with Romanian & Overseas Rescue dogs and providing educational resources for their adopters via remote one to one consultations, home study courses, seminars, training programs and her popular Adopters Coaching Group - The number one resource anywhere on the internet for Romanian and Overseas rescue dog information and support.

After becoming involved with Romanian Rescue dogs in 2015, both as a support advisor to new adopters and a fosterer herself, she was led to look deeper into the thinking, feeling, emotional depths of these dogs when things began feeling different about them.

She soon realised how the Romanian dogs were different to British born dogs, how their genetics and bloodline, being from street dogs, meant they seemed to be more in tune with their instinctive nature's. She went on to learn that she needed to adjust the ways she interacted with and worked with these dogs, to accommodate their more streetwise and cautious characteristics. It became very evident that these dogs responded differently to 'training' in the conventional sense at times.

And so it became her passion to share everything she was learning, and is still learning, about the Romanian Dog's Point of View with as many adopters as possible. Today she is Patron of two Romanian Rescue Charities, Cloud K9 Rescue and Annie's Trust, she is also advisor to various other rescue organisations. She runs a course for qualified trainers, The Romanian Rescue Pro Trainers program, to help other canine professionals understand more about working with Romanian & foreign rescue dogs and their families, as many of them can be quite complex compared to working with British dogs.  

She also provides an invaluable resource program for rescue organisations, to help them understand how to correctly support their adopters if they encounter basic problems.

Her entire business focuses solely on supporting and working with adopters and canine professionals of predominantly Romanian but also other European street, rescue & shelter dogs.