Set Yourself Up for a Successful Adoption

A FREE Webinar for Romanian Rescue Adopters + FREE PDF Guide for Settling in Your New Arrival

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The importance of ‘getting it right’ for your new Romanian (or foreign) Rescue Dog cannot be stressed enough. It is far easier to prevent problems arising than it is to try to undo them once something has happened. By sticking to a few simple guidelines when your Rescue dog first arrives at their new home with you, you can help make sure they settle quickly, happily and with as few problems as possible.

Please bear in mind, the information provided is based on my knowledge and experience of Romanian Rescue dogs, but every one of them will be different. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to dogs.

There can be many other contributing factors and issues and whilst it's simply not possible to cover every possible variable, I've included what I know to be the most common 'need to know' information.

You may need to know and implement all of it or only some of it or you may not even need any of it, but you will definitely need to be prepared to read and assess how your particular dog is coping with everything, and meet his/her needs as an individual.

I hope you enjoy the webinar and recommend that you read through the Free PDF guide several times, ideally before your dog arrives, and get all members of your family to read it too.

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This was brilliant, thank you so much !!! My Romanian pup arrives tomorrow

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  • Set Yourself Up for a Successful Adoption
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    A FREE webinar for Romanian Rescue Adopters + FREE PDF guide for settling in your new arrival




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Jan Mackenney-Smith


Masses of sensible advice and in a format that is convenient to refer back to as quite a lot to take on board initially. Thank you!!

3 weeks ago
Michelle Moran

Successful Adoption Webinar

Extremely informative, honest overview of expectations and experience

1 month ago
Lynne lucas


Good to try and get Humans experience how a new home is from the dogs point of view & what they are experiencing

1 month ago
Lesley Gascoyne

Successful Adoption Webinar

Very informative. A must read for adopters

4 months ago

Meesh Masters

Meesh Masters is the founder and business owner at The Dog's Point of View and specialises in working with Romanian Rescue dogs and providing educational resources for their adopters via remote one to one consultations, home study courses, seminars, training programs and her popular Adopters Coaching Group

After becoming involved with Romanian Rescue dogs in 2015, both as a support advisor to new adopters and a fosterer herself, she was led to look deeper into the thinking, feeling, emotional depths of these dogs when things began feeling different about them.

She soon realised how the Romanian dogs were different to British born dogs, how their genetics and bloodline, being from street dogs, meant they seemed to be more in tune with their instinctive nature's. She went on to learn that she needed to adjust the ways she interacted with and worked with these dogs, to accommodate their more streetwise and cautious characteristics. It became very evident that these dogs responded differently to 'training' in the conventional sense at times.

And so it became her passion to share everything she was learning, and is still learning, about the Romanian Dog's Point of View with as many adopters as possible. Today she is Patron of two Romanian Rescue Charities and advisor to various rescue organisations. Her entire business focuses solely on supporting and working with adopters of predominantly Romanian but also other European street dogs.