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We will be chatting with adopters about their journeys with their Romanian dogs and with a variety of canine professionals who will have lots of tips, advice and information that I know is going to be super helpful to everyone!

True Nature Podcasts - Living with Romanian Dogs


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Hilary Stoner Stoner

Fantastic Help for me and my Rommie Dog

Having adopted my girl, all seemed to go fairly well apart from walks. The constant stopping and sitting , pulling to go the way she wanted . I have to admit I was thinking she was a little stubborn. Until I came across Meesh and her Rommie Plant workshop. It was a revelation, i explained so much , it was clear and easy to follow. I have since learnt more from listening to Meesh , also by doing another course and reading her book. My life and relationship with my girl is now so close. We stop on walks , watching nature , if on occasion we can't go the way my girl wants to go I say" sorry not today " and we move on with no issues. I feel the learning I received has improved our communication so much , and my girl looks to me when she is unsure, and I am happy to give her time to process things.. We enjoy all our walks and we have learnt together to slow down and enjoy the view.

1 year ago
Emily Simpson

I wish I had known about this group before!

I found your group through Google. How l wish l had k own all of this information before embarking on the Romanian rescue pathway. I never knew Rommie dogs were so different. We got Lily when she was 5 months old. She was found on the street with her siblings then got pick & taken to a EU shelter where l rescued her. Since fireworks night last year her behaviour has deteriorated to the point where she refuses to go for walks completely. Would like to have a 1:1 talk/session and will make the relevant enquiries.

2 years ago
Carole McKenna

Videos on resue dogs

My dogs very very traumatised when I got them they had seen other dogs killed In front of them in romiania I have had them two years now, it has been a very hard journey with them, we still have a long way to go l would love to have a one to one conversation about the next steps with my dogs. I found your videos very good but need more information about very traumatised dogs.

2 years ago
Christine Smith

Just wow!

I just wish I known about this site and all of this information before my Romanian rescues arrived.

2 years ago

Michelle Masters

Meesh Masters is the founder and business owner at The Dog's Point of View and specialises in working with Romanian & Overseas Rescue dogs, providing educational resources for their adopters via remote one to one consultations, home study courses, webinars, training programs and her popular Adopters Coaching Group - The number one resource anywhere on the internet for Romanian and Overseas rescue dog information and support.

After becoming involved with Romanian Rescue dogs in 2015, both as a support advisor to new adopters and a fosterer herself, she was led to look deeper into the thinking, feeling, emotional depths of these dogs when things began feeling different about them.

She soon realised how the Romanian dogs were different to British born dogs, that their genetics and bloodline, being from street dogs and dogs that had evolved through more natural selection, meant they seemed to be more in tune with their instinctive nature's. She went on to learn that she needed to adjust the ways she interacted with and worked with these dogs, to accommodate their more instinctive and cautious characteristics. It became very evident that these dogs responded differently to 'training' in the conventional sense at times.

And so it became her passion to share everything she was learning, and is still learning, about the Romanian Dog's Point of View with as many adopters as possible. Today she is Patron of two Romanian Rescue Charities, Cloud K9 Rescue and Annie's Trust, she is also advisor to various other rescue organisations. She runs a course for qualified trainers, The Romanian Rescue Pro Trainers program, to help other canine professionals understand more about working with Romanian & foreign rescue dogs and their families, as many of them can be quite complex compared to working with British dogs.  She has also launched an invaluable education & resource program for rescue organisations rehoming Romanian & Eastern European dogs, to help them & their volunteers to understand how to correctly support their adopters if they encounter basic problems. 

Meesh is also now a certified Dynamic Dog Practitioner which qualifies her to complete detailed assessments of dogs in the areas of biomechanics, gait, movement & posture to determine whether there are any potential pain or discomfort issues that could be contributing to behaviour.  This is an invaluable qualification to have given that her entire business focuses solely on supporting and working with adopters and canine professionals of predominantly Romanian but also other European street, rescue & shelter dogs.  With the poor start many of these dogs have in life, along with the potential for them to have sustained untreated injuries, abuse and trauma prior to adoption, being able to assess for pain in a totally hands off, non-intrusive way is often the only way they can be assessed.