The Reactive Dog Bundle

A collection of 6 courses & workshops specifically chosen for adopters with dogs that overreact on walks or to strangers

Course & Workshop Summaries

Understanding Romanian Dogs
(Mini course)

A short course designed to provide a better understanding of who your Romanian dog is, why they are different to British dogs and what this may mean for you as pet parents. One of the most common things that can cause problems for new and even existing adopters, is not realising how and why your Romanian family member is different and the kinds of things you might expect in terms of behaviour.
    When experiencing problems with Romanian dogs, this information can be invaluable in knowing that you may need to approach things in a slightly different way to take into account a Romanian Dog's Point of View.

Mini Workshop for Dogs that Overreact on Walks (+ Supporting Resources)

The recording of my Mini Workshop for dogs that over react on walks aims to walk you through the blueprint of a plan that will help you understand the best things to do, to start seeing progress and how you can set your dog (and yourself) up for more positive experiences when out on walks.

It explains the advantages of following a structured process and taking a holistic approach, rather than simply trying to 'train away' the behaviour, which is rarely successful long term because it doesn't take into consideration all the internal elements - both physiological & emotional - that drive the external behaviour.  

Your workshop includes a 30 page PDF workbook as well as quarterly live Q&A Zoom sessions so you can get the answers to the questions that come up for you as you work through the information & learning with your dog.  

Mini Workshop for Dogs that Overreact  to Visitors (+ Supporting Resources)

The recording of my Mini Workshop for dogs that overreact to visitors aims to walk you through an outline blueprint of a program that will help you set your dog up to start having positive visitor experiences and ensure you have the basic understanding & skills to support them as they learn they don't need to be concerned or upset when strangers come to the house.  
Your Mini workshop also includes a 30 page PDF workbook you can download and work through as well as an invitation to join me for quarterly Live Q&A Zoom sessions to help you tailor the information to your specific dog & lifestyle situations.  

An Introduction to Signs of Pain

Understanding the correlation between pain and behaviour is an incredibly important part of living with dogs, because obviously they can't tell us when they're uncomfortable because of joint pain, or their ears feel painful, or their tummy feels sore.
  But actually, often they are telling us; In how they behave and in how they move (or don't as the case may be) as well as through many subtle signs that may seem insignificant to us if we don't know what to watch out for.  
Certain aspects of their physical appearance can also give us clues, and an introduction to all of this is what we cover in this workshop.

The Rommie Plant Workshop
  (+ Supporting Resources)

Many adopters of Romanian and overseas rescue dogs struggle with this behaviour of 'planting' on walks and point blank refusing to move in any direction.

 During this workshop I will aim to provide you with a  deep dive into the 'Rommie Plant' behaviour.
What it is?
Why does it happen?
What does it mean?
How can you prevent it from happening?     How do you handle it if/when it does happen?

ACE Free Work
(Mini Course)

Sarah Fishers ACE Free Work is a cornerstone activity that can be hugely beneficial for fearful, socially shy, and overreactive dogs.  Free work can also be something that can help noise sensitive dogs, and dogs who tend to bark excessively at every tiny sound.

Once ACE Free Work is established as an activity, it can be used in a variety of ways to help fearful, nervous and anxious dogs grow in confidence and resilience. Not only can it help nervous dogs to move forward with the struggles they have, but it can also have a hugely positive impact on how they feel in general, helping to reduce daily baseline stress levels.

Your Price for the Reactive Dog Bundle 

Meesh Masters

Meesh Masters is the founder and business owner at The Dog's Point of View and specialises in working with Romanian & Overseas Rescue dogs, providing educational resources for their adopters via remote one to one consultations, home study courses, webinars, training programs and her popular Adopters Coaching Group - The number one resource anywhere on the internet for Romanian and Overseas rescue dog information and support.

After becoming involved with Romanian Rescue dogs in 2015, both as a support advisor to new adopters and a fosterer herself, she was led to look deeper into the thinking, feeling, emotional depths of these dogs when things began feeling different about them.

She soon realised how the Romanian dogs were different to British born dogs, that their genetics and bloodline, being from street dogs and dogs that had evolved through more natural selection, meant they seemed to be more in tune with their instinctive nature's. She went on to learn that she needed to adjust the ways she interacted with and worked with these dogs, to accommodate their more instinctive and cautious characteristics. It became very evident that these dogs responded differently to 'training' in the conventional sense at times.

And so it became her passion to share everything she was learning, and is still learning, about the Romanian Dog's Point of View with as many adopters as possible. Today she is Patron of two Romanian Rescue Charities, Cloud K9 Rescue and Annie's Trust, she is also advisor to various other rescue organisations. She runs a course for qualified trainers, The Romanian Rescue Pro Trainers program, to help other canine professionals understand more about working with Romanian & foreign rescue dogs and their families, as many of them can be quite complex compared to working with British dogs.  She has also launched an invaluable education & resource program for rescue organisations rehoming Romanian & Eastern European dogs, to help them & their volunteers to understand how to correctly support their adopters if they encounter basic problems. 

Meesh is also now a certified Dynamic Dog Practitioner which qualifies her to complete detailed assessments of dogs in the areas of biomechanics, gait, movement & posture to determine whether there are any potential pain or discomfort issues that could be contributing to behaviour.  This is an invaluable qualification to have given that her entire business focuses solely on supporting and working with adopters and canine professionals of predominantly Romanian but also other European street, rescue & shelter dogs.  With the poor start many of these dogs have in life, along with the potential for them to have sustained untreated injuries, abuse and trauma prior to adoption, being able to assess for pain in a totally hands off, non-intrusive way is often the only way they can be assessed.